Since 2002 2008, marking the debut of our weatherproof stretch tents, Schupepe’s reputation for supplying a revolutionary product and providing an impeccable service – has skyrocketed. Every Schupepe tent is waterproof, fire-proof, and built for longetivity. Our staff has over forty-five years of experience in the events management and marquee hire industry. We have décor advisors, event planners, and an expert installation crew at our client’s disposal.

100% New Zealand Owned and Operated
We are committed to providing our fellow Kiwi’s with an outdoor cover and event management solution that surpasses our competition. Our eye-catching, weatherproof marquees have been installed in all manners of places, in all types of weather, from Queenstown to Auckland and everywhere in between.

Our Carbon Footprint
Schupepe has implemented a sustainability programme with Instep™ to ensure that our carbon emissions are minimal. Since day one, we have always endeavoured to make the appropriate ethical choices and we do everything we can to minimise our carbon footprint.

We make every occasion a special occasion at Schupepe Tents – it’s our business, It’s what we know.


Schupepe has made a conscious decision to make a positive difference to our environment and has embarked upon a sustainability programme with Instep™.

Schupepe is taking steps to monitor and manage carbon emissions and minimise its impact on the environment. Since our inception we have always tried to make the right ethical choices, and have looked at ways in which we can minimise our carbon-footprint.


The ‘Stretch Tent’ made its debut in the event industry in 2002 and quickly established itself over the traditional marquee as the preferred tent option. The technology behind the tents has come a long way and thanks to Freeform® who focused entirely on developing a commercially viable stretch tent that could meet the waterproofing, fireproofing and longevity requirements, every Schupepe tent presents itself as a high quality, waterproof, fireproof, stylish tent.