Schupepe Tents has the most experienced stretch tent riggers in the country and each year during the Northern hemisphere summer, we lend our services to our UK/European counter-parts to ensure that we share and follow best practices and keep up to speed on emerging trends. We pride ourselves on the best rigging techniques which means that each tent installation is not only safe and secure but also results in an impressive, chic, and stylish look every time.

A major advantage over traditional marquees is that a Freeform® tent goes up comparatively quickly, with a smaller team, and with less impact on the venue. They are lighter and less bulky than alternatives and therefore, easier to transport. The Freeform® tent’s specially developed, 2-way stretch fabric gives the rigger the ability to configure the tent in a variety of shapes in traditionally awkward environments. Tents can be rigged on the beach, on fields, off walls, over pools, around trees, on balconies – you name it and we can most likely rig it! We simply put poles of varying length into the fabric to create a dramatic shape unique to your needs.

Our team of expert riggers will work closely with you throughout the tent installation process to ensure that you get the exact look and feel you are after.

Site Inspection (No cost, No obligation)
Prior to any job we carry out a site inspection at the chosen location or property. Here we will discuss your requirements with you and the options available regarding the positioning of the tent and the installation of it. We have a standard hire rate for each tent based on its size, however, there are some factors that we take into consideration when preparing our final quote such as:

  • The complexity of the installation. For example will the job be a freestanding rig or attached to a building or another solid structure?
  • Will we need to install temporary anchor points and if so, what type of fixing or system is appropriate?
  • Will the tent installation be on grass or on firm ground such as a concrete or paved area, a carpark or an area where we will not be able put pegs into the ground?
  • If the tent installation is on firm ground will we need to bring in counter-weights such as concrete blocks or water ballasts, or can we drill and install a temporary fixing such as bracket or an eyebolt? Unlike other stretch tent companies, we DO NOT USE SAND BAGS as an anchoring system!
  • What is the access like? Can we drive our vehicle up to the site?
  • Do you have any other requirements such as flooring, dance floor, lighting, heating etc. This is also where we can help – all you need to do is ask!

Any of the above factors may result, but not always, in additional charges for extra labour and/or extra time to complete the job. We are very transparent with our costs so are happy to discuss openly with you what are likely to be additional charges.

Every site inspection is free of charge – all part of our service!

Setting up
Before your event, you can expect our Crew to arrive on the day and at the time agreed, and to efficiently and professionally erect the tents and interiors according to the agreed equipment list. On arrival (if site inspection hasn’t been done prior), our crew will meet with you to agree the exact positioning of the tents, which sides should be “up” and which “down”, taking account of prevailing weather conditions.

It’s really important for a successful day that this happens swiftly on arrival, as our crew can’t begin any work until the tents are positioned. Prior to our crew departing, they will conduct a series of “final checks” before handing over the equipment to you.

Taking down
Once your event is over, our Crew will arrive on the day and at the time agreed, to take down the tents and remove everything from site. Once we have cleared the site and loaded our vehicles, our Crew will walk the site and ensure that we leave the site clean and tidy.

To enable “take down” to proceed smoothly, we will ask you to make sure that any equipment that is not ours has been removed from the tents before we arrive.

On site support
If you so desire, we can provide crew members to be on site during the event or on standby. If not instructed, we won’t leave someone on site.